sale-click-meCrystal Distributing Company has been in the wholesale business for 30 years. On our journey, we have gained thousands of customers, many famous and enlightened from all walks of life. Our customers benefit from our knowledge and experience with our unique creation of Chakra Tuned “Singing” Quartz Crystal Bowls™. We sell and distribute globally to over 60 different countries, all on a wholesale basis only. Our formula for being in business for over 30 years is integrity. We are the creators the Chakra Set, the 12 bowls diatonic set, gemstone optically clear handle bowl set, and the 12 bowl power set. Please stay tuned for more developing products. Contact us toll-free at:


If you would like to purchase a bowl from one of our retailers, a customer service representative can assist you by locating a store in your local area.

Crystal  Distributing Company is the creator of:

  • Chakra Tuned “Singing” Quartz Crystal Bowls™
  • The Seven Bowl Chakra Set™
  • “Kaliski” Optically Clear Chakra Tuned Quartz Crystal “Singing” Bowls
  • “Kaliski” Optically Clear Chakra Tuned “Healing” Bowls with Gemstones in the Handles
  • “Kaliski” Optically Clear Chakra Tuned Toning Bells
  • “Kaliski” Pure Quartz Crystal Drinking Glasses, Coffee Mugs, Soup Bowls
  • Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls for the 12 Powers
  • Premium Diatonic 12 Bowl Set

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