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Celestial Memories – by Elivia Melodey

Celestial Memories – by Elivia Melodey

Inspired singing crystal bowl music recorded live with the gentle addition of flutes, drum and vocals to provide the listeners with the perfect sonic space for deep healing, relaxation, meditation and bodywork.

Celestial Memories presents the pure sine wave tones of the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, with the gentle addition of flutes, chimes, vocals and drumming. Journey to spaces of deep relaxation and peace as the music of these crystal bowls opens up gateways of awareness and wholeness within your Being. The perfect pitch tones of these harmonically tuned instruments help to align your chakras, which balances and rejuvenates your vital life energies. Each song contains a specific healing energy channeled from the celestial realms, for the highest good of the listener.

Chords of the Cosmos – by Deborah Van Dyke

Harmonies of the Zodiac with Crystal Bowls for Chakra Balancing, Meditation & the Healing Arts – These serene crystal bowl harmonies echo the “Music of the Spheres”, fine-tuning the entire body to the musical order of the Universe. Extremely effective for aligning the chakras and auric field. Relax as serene waves of crystal bowl tones echo the musical harmonies of the constellations which Pythagoras called the “Music of the Spheres”. CHORDS OF THE COSMOS tunes us to the musical order of the universe with a deeply healing sound meditation that facilitates physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attunement and chakra balancing. It is the ideal healing companion for meditation, massage, and yoga.

Crystal Bowls in Concert -by Ruth Rousseau

The sounds and songs of healing – gentle, yet effectively composed. Sounds so startlingly clear and alive, the bowls seem to be in front of you. This CD has 16 tracks of 4 1/2 minutes, with bowl sounds ranging from root chakra to crown chakra, to chakra centers overhead. 34 different bowls consciously selected to enhance and focus the main chakra note, as well as initiating movement of healing energy throughout the body and surrounding energy fields.

Crystal Bowls Healing – by Steve Halpern

Crystal Bowl Healing - by Steve Halpern

Travelling the Sacred Sound Current: Divine Chants & Sacred Tones for Healing & Meditation – A treasure of deep beauty; timeless healing chants and ambient sounds that will soothe and transport you on a luminous journey of inner attunement and spiritual healing – “Best of 2001 – New Age”Sit back, relax, and be prepared to embark on an inner voyage of transformation with this sacred ceremonial music and Deborah’s compelling, soulful vocals.

You will be soothed and transported to a place of deep inner peace. As Deborah describes, “The vibratory nature of sound permeates our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Sacred sound creates a field of frequency facilitating body-mind healing and access to higher fields of consciousness. The merging of a mantra’s sound vibration with its meaning creates a vibrant power and blessing which is bestowed to both the chanter and the greater whole.

Crystal Portal – by Elivia Melodey

Lush deep space soundscape of 40 singing crystal bowls, transverse flute and harmonic percussion take you to new vibrations of love and peace, i.e. back and relax into the entrancing rich sound landscape of crystalline tones and flute from the sound healers of Elivia Melodey’s newly renamed Crystal Vibrations Music Ensemble.

Like a huge ship pulling out of port, the first track is momentous in the pregnancy of the impending journey. The flute dissolves into the crystal tones only to reemerge and beacon you onward. Each of the four tracks progressively moves the listener to a more profound sense of joy, higher awareness and universal connection. Gradually the intensity of the droning and chiming of the many bowls and flute grows.

Crystal Voices – by Deborah Van Dyke

Crystal Voices

The Harmonic Vibrations Of Crystal Singing Bowls – Experience an “inner-body sound massage” with the healing tones of crystal singing bowls. This sanctuary of sound fosters deep relaxation and meditation. This is the CD from crystal bowl pioneers CRYSTAL VOICES that started it all! Experience the vibrational healing tones of crystal singing bowls with this classic sound healing CD. Includes the ever-popular GUIDED CHAKRA MEDITATION, a deeply therapeutic, chakra balancing tune-up, and SANCTUARY, a relaxing, soft symphony of wind chimes, crystal bowls and mountain brook. This harmony of singing bowls transmits the peace of a sacred temple as it creates a healing sanctuary for deep relaxation and meditation.

Traveling the Sacred Sound Current – by Deborah Van Dyke

Traveling the Sacred Sound Current

“Sound, Star and Light are all inside”. Sound is the Magical Instrument of our Soul. Welcome to this Harmonic Doorway of Sound and Nature ~ a path of deep attunement, wholeness and conscious evolution! Following her remarkably beautiful and top-selling CRYSTAL VOICES CD’S, heralded by critics, customers and even Dr. Wayne Dyer, sound healer and teacher Deborah Van Dyke presents Travelling the Sacred Sound Current, audio companion to her finely wrought book of the same name. Van Dyke’s musical offering used in conjunction with the book or as a standalone tool, moves beyond relaxation and entertainment value into the realm of spiritual and therapeutic practice and purpose. Based on sound scientific principle, Van Dyke uses frequencies and tones to promote maximal benefit to body, mind and spirit.

Singing Bowls of Shangri-La – by Thea Surasu

Singing Bowls of Shangri-La - Thea Sursau and Steven Halpern

For over a thousand years, special golden “singing bowls” have been part of a secret healing tradition in Tibet. Never before recorded, this rare 11th century healing instrument produces a breathtaking range of overtones.

The sound evokes a transcendent state of meditation (especially when listened to with headphones). The incredible sustained vibrations resonate and attune the listener at the cellular level. No synthesizers or other instruments are added.

Sounds of Light – by Deborah Van Dyke

Sounds of Light

The Pure Tones of Crystal Singing Bowls – Deeply transformative sound…harmonic crystal bowl tones bathe the listener in healing waves for deep relaxation…AAAAHHHH

Perfect for meditation, yoga, massage, the quartz crystal bowls are instruments for healing by facilitating:
– The release of tension and stress
– Alpha wave state of consciousness
– Stillness of the mind for meditation
– Balance and harmonization of the chakras

The entrancing harmonies of Sounds of Light bathe the listener in a seamless weave of crystal tone of fifth intervals and octaves, providing a powerful vibrational therapy for healing and meditation.