Optically Clear Quartz Crystal “Singing” Bowl™ 

Pure quartz crystal singing bowls are excellent tools for sound and can be used for healing work, meditation, and chanting used by yoga instructors, body workers, and massage therapists, for with musical accompaniment. A rich, resonant tone exudes from the quartz crystal bowls by striking gently or rubbing the bowls with the accompanying mallet. The crystal tones move through our body in vibrant waves to calm, align, and heal energy centers. Medical research has validated the powerful use of the bowls in balancing and healing the human body, mind and spirit. Each size bowl is available in a variety of tones in each chakra. Clear bowls are light weight, easy to hold, and travel with. The Optically Clear Bowls are available in 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″ and 10″. If you want a specific pitch, or feel drawn to work with a specific chakra, contact us for further information regarding our current selection.

Optically Clear “Healing” Bowls with Handle™ (with colored gemstones)

The optically clear Chakra tuned “Healing” bowl handles are filled with tumbled colored gemstones, and are specifically created for therapeutic use. Sound can be used as an alternative form of healing. The handle bowls are available in a Special Chakra Set of Seven or Twelve Bowls.

The clear bowls are designed to be portable. They are easy to use and light to carry. The bowls are the highest, purest quality that manifest and create the best sound available. Each bowl is hand-tuned to a note of the diatonic musical scale. When played, the bowl resonates (“sings”) in a particular note, opening and balancing the corresponding energy vortex (Chakra) of the body.

The bowls play musical notes to determine which Chakra is balanced. Each bowl comes with a mallet and O ring. Instructions on how to play and care for the bowl are also included. The optically clear healing bowls with handles come in various Chakras and sizes including 5 3/4″, 6 1/4″, 7″ and 8″. They feature a special easy grip handle.