• php8FobO8PM - Round Suede StrikersOne striker is included with each bowl order.
  • The best-selling strikers are wrapped with suede. Each has a corresponding color that matches the chakra.
  • Wooded handled mallets are also available with a rubber ball to rub the bowls. The striker color corresponds with the chakra.
  • Extra strikers can be purchased individually.

Wooden Mallets

  • phpFeuJDrPM - Wooden MalletsOne wooden mallet is included with each bowl order.
  • The mallets are carved and imported from different countries.
  • Mallets are available with wood, and wood with suede.
  • The mallets can be purchased individually.


phpFe27DMPM - Black and White O Rings

“O” Rings

  • One “O” Ring is included with each bowl order.
  • The “O” Rings are available in black and white.
  • Crystal bowls can rest on a rubber “O” Ring base.
  • Tibetan bowls can also rest on a rubber “O” Ring base.
  • An “O” Ring can be purchased individually.

Crystal Bowl Padded Carrying Cases

  • crystalwholsaledistributor10Cases are available to transport the bowls. They cases are handsome, sturdy, and have two straps.
  • The carrying cases come in suede.
  • The padded carrying cases are not included with the bowls. They can be purchased separately.
  • The cases are available in various sizes to fit the bowls: X Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XX Large.

Ghanta & Dorjet Bell

  • Ghanta & Dorjet Bells sets are available in Mini, Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. 

Authentic Tingshaws

  • The beautiful tingshaws create various sounds.
  • Each tingshaw has a raised symbols such as OM, DRAGON, or 8 AUSPICIOUS SYMBOLS.
  • The tingshaws are available in sizes of 2-1/2” and 3”.
  • They are also available in 24K gold inlaid symbols.

We also carry additional products.  Please contact a sales representative for more