We Sell Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls for the 12 Powers!

The Twelve Powers concept was the brain child of Charles Fillmore and were created in the late 1800s to correlate the Twelve Powers with corresponding locations or centers in the physical body with particular organs.

The Twelve Powers’ function is to make you aware of your energy vortexes that can promote healing of your mind, body and soul. The Twelve Powers system covers the 7 chakras and 5 other physical body areas.

The Twelve Powers are best explained by the following powers:


  • UNDERSTANDING: 5 Physical Senses
  • WILL: Respiratory Center
  • IMAGINATION: Thalamus of the Brain
  • POWER: Larynx, Muscles & Limbs
  • LOVE: Heart & Circulatory System
  • WISDOM: Endocrine System
  • ORDER: Digestive, Skin & Bones
  • LIFE: Reproductive Systems
  • FAITH: Cerebrum of the Brain
  • ZEAL: Hypothalamus, Medulla Oblongata
  • STRENGTH: Spinal Cords & Nerves
  • RENUNCIATION: Colon & Urinary Systems



Crystal Distributing Company has matched the pure quartz crystal bowls with each physical body center, where each bowl functions as an avenue to correct a blocked path of the energy vortex that is in need of clearing.

A complete set of Twelve Power bowls is available at a special price or can be purchased individually.

With the purchase of the complete set, you receive a FREE book that provides a detailed explanation of the Twelve Powers. The Twelve Power bowls are only available from Crystal Distributing company.