Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls – Must-Read Books

The spiritual books provide additional information and help you to understand some of the miracles in the universe. They are written by top authors.

A must read series of books which will provide you with the information and knowledge you seek.

The powerful books will transform your being and deliver you to understand the all-knowing.  We provide these books to help our customers get the maximum use of their Crystal Bowls.


The Unique Singing Bowl – Book & CD – by Binkey Kok Publications

·Features a CD with 16 recordings that are small miracles of healing sound
·The companion booklet discusses the remarkable soothing effects of singing bowls
·Experience the ecstasy of a sound-bath

Once heard only in the mountain monasteries of Tibet, singing bowls are a divine gift of music and sound. Although their origins remain hidden in the mists of time, we can all now experience their energy enhancing the effect on our spirit, their attunement with the body’s own vibrational makeup, and their harmonizing influence upon our whole being. It is the harmonic sounds of the singing bowls that can create order in the chaos caused by the negative vibrations of modern life – hurrying traffic, high-voltage cables, fluorescent light bulbs.


Travelling the Sacred Sound Current – by Deborah Van Dyke

Gathering of spiritual sound wisdom that explores multi-faceted applications of sound  as a vibrational tool for self-healing, sacred creation, and higher consciousness

This book is an important sound healing resource for the 21st Century with its extensive contribution of spiritual sound wisdom from a wide spectrum of world cultures. Combining the esoteric with the therapeutic, it explores sound as a vibrational tool for self-healing, sacred creation and higher consciousness. A blend of the mystical and the practical, it covers ancient wisdom teachings, sound healing practices for inner attunement, and the use of voice and crystal singing bowls for expanded awareness, healing, and transformation.


Twelve Powers In You – David Williamson, D.Min., Gay Lynn Williamson, M.A.Psy., and Robert H. Knapp, M.D.

The secrets to enrichment and empowerment practiced by thousands of people across the country. The key to physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.

Twelve Powers in You re-introduces the idea popularized by Unity Church leader Charles Filmore that the body has twelve powers: faith, wisdom, enthusiasm, power, imagination, understanding, love, order, life, strength, release and will. These twelve powers are not separate from the physical body, but are expressed through it. This fascinating book teaches readers how to access these dynamic powers to bring them healing, love and success.


Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls by Ted Andrews

Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls – by Ted Andrews

Tools for ancient scrying and modern seership 

On clairvoyance with the crystal ball, techniques for attuning to spirit guides, angels, and devas; methods for crystal gazing; methods for healing with the crystal ball; ways to deliver with water; uses and effects of different types of crystal balls; explorations of the past, present, and future with the crystal ball

Crystal balls and crystal bowls are powerful, time-honored instruments of divination. Crystals allow you to access, amplify, and project energies not normally available. Their use in healing, activating creativity, foretelling the future, and balancing the human energy system is timeless.


Crystal & Sound – by Dick De Ruiter & Tosca Tetteroo

Enjoy the subtle effects of rock crystals combined with crystal singing bowls

Most people are familiar, one way or another, with rock crystal or quartz, if only in its polished form as decoration or jewelry. Since ancient times, the sparkling clarity of this stone has had a very special allure to people all over the world. Nowadays, even though things are changing at an impossible pace, the age-old crystal still appeals to us because of its outer beauty and its great energetic powers. If we open ourselves up to this power, beautiful things can happen. This is what Crystal & Sound is about, and you can experience it yourself by listening to the recordings of crystal singing bowls on the accompanying CD.