Tingshaws Tibetan Bells


Authentic Tingshaws

We handle the most beautiful Tingshaws with great sounds in sizes of 2-1/2” and 3”. Each has raised symbols including OM, DRAGON, and 8 AUSPICIOUS SYMBOLS. Yoga teachers use the Tingshaws to begin and end a yoga class. Massage therapists use them to bring you into the moment. The sound carries you deeply into meditation.

Ghanta & Dorje Sets

Ghanta and Dorje Set - Tibetan Bell

Ghanta-Dorje are available in mini, small, medium and large sizes. Each Tibetan bell comes with it’s own striker.

Ghanta is a Tibetan bell and Dorje is the thunderbolt.

They are used in Tibetan ritual.  They are played by ringing or by taking the striker and rubbing it around the edge of the bell itself.